We Like You.

At our November 2016 show, Care/Giver, we loved seeing visitors spend hours reading in a reverie of deep emotion. Click for candid shots of visitors reading the stories, poems and mixed-media pieces on the theme of Caregiving. Thanks to all who opened a window into their personal stories for this project. Next up is a show featuring paintings by Andy St. Martin and art work of local teens, including Max and Milo Darlington, Will Watts and Iolani Thuy-tien Nneka.


1) Thrill your eyes! Explore this new visual directory of female illustrators, artists, and cartoonists. (via Submittable)

2) Need some political energy? In "To Be Of Use," Marge Piercy honors the hard work of everyday people. And in "Republic of Poetry" by Martin Espada imagines a whole new kind of nation. Here's an excerpt: 

In the republic of poetry,
poets rent a helicopter
to bombard the national palace
with poems on bookmarks,
and everyone in the courtyard
rushes to grab a poem
fluttering from the sky,
blinded by weeping.

4 ) A shout-out to Austin artist, Teruko Nimura for this socially engaged art project! Teruko created and installed 1,800 slip cast ceramic Japanese Lucky cat figurines at Austin Animal Center. Each represents 1/10th of the 18,000 animals the shelter serves annually. They were available for “adoption” in exchange for a donation to the shelter. Prizer adopted two of these radiant yellow creatures – here’s to hoping we will all be touched by their luck in the coming year.