• Curated exhibits that bring artists and writers together to explore subjects that matter

  • An interactive Creativity Room for making art

  • Artists' talks, literary readings, classes and workshops

    We are currently open for events and by appointment. All events are free and open to the public.


In October 2016, Prizer Arts & Letters opened its doors as a socially engaged arts and literature nonprofit. The nonprofit built on the work of Prizer Gallery, founded by Carrie Kenny in 2012 in a 1920's home in bustling East Austin. The building is named in honor of Carrie's mother and is home to the nonprofit as well as the offices of Fusebox Festival, Forklift Danceworks, Fluxion Photography and Lobel Arts. A Peace Pole in the front yard invites passersby to consider peace in eight different languages. Prizer Arts & Letters is a 501c3 nonprofit.

Carrie Kenny, Director

Alberto Martinez, Board Chair
Lorig Hawkins, Board Secretary
Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Board Treasurer

Unveiling the Peace Pole, 2018

Unveiling the Peace Pole, 2018


Open up new ways of seeing our world and people's lives

Explore human rights, social justice and social change

Address issues of sustainability, climate and the environment

Demonstrate commitment to equity and diversity in the arts 

Bring different communities together for creativity and meaningful dialogue

Move free art and literature into public spaces 

Serve people of all ages, abilities, identities and backgrounds